National Pizza Day 9.02 – healthy pizza recipes

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Home » Blog » National Pizza Day 9.02 – healthy pizza recipes

National Pizza Day 9.02 – healthy pizza recipes

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Love pizza, but you’re on a diet and don’t want to go overboard on calories? Celebrate National Pizza Day at home and on your own terms! Learn how to enjoy your favorite dish and fit it wisely into your calorie limit.

We all love it! And what’s the surprise? After all, the crunchy bottom, the stringy cheese, and your favorite toppings are a real feast for the palate. Although the history of pizza is not at all spectacular – it was originally a cheap meal for the poorest. Today, however, it has become one of the most popular dishes, and not only in Italy.

Is it possible to eat pizza on a diet?

This question is probably asked by everyone who goes on a diet. But actually, why should we give it up? There is no need to distort reality and pretend that pizza is low in calories and the healthiest. Of course, it isn’t. However, denying yourself your favorite dishes for an extended period of time in the name of dieting or losing pounds can lead to a bad relationship with food, and ultimately to an eating disorder. Is it worth it? Definitely not! We have prepared 5 tips for you on how to consciously incorporate your favorite dishes (including pizza) into your diet to enjoy them in a healthy way.

How to eat pizza on a diet without remorse

1. Enjoy the moment

Life is too short to regret eating your favorite foods. If you have a craving for something, let yourself enjoy it. This does not mean that we encourage you to take a “hullo soul, no hell” approach. None of that. Just stop being a slave to your diet and adjust it to your own needs and abilities.

2. Respect satiety

Let’s face it – a whole pizza is a pretty big portion. Not that we doubt your capabilities! However, there is a good chance that after eating a whole pizza, you were then accompanied by overeating and discomfort. So try to eat slowly and deliberately. Finish the meal when you feel satiated. You can always take the rest to go or share with someone.

3. Take care of the quality of the products

Don’t buy pizza with poor ingredients and don’t pour greasy sauces over it. Opt for good quality ingredients, and then your digestive system will thank you for it.

4. Don’t give up on vegetables

Even if you eat pizza, it’s a good idea to reach for a serving of vegetables first, for example, in the form of a salad. Why? You’ll satisfy your first hunger, so you’re likely to eat a little less caloric pizza, and it will also benefit your carbohydrate regulation.

5. Make it yourself

By preparing the dish yourself, you will have a say in the quality of the ingredients, but also in their quantity. This approach will allow you to quickly count calories in the Fitatu® app, making your favorite dish a planned part of your diet.

Healthy pizza recipes

If you’re looking for ideas for homemade, healthier pizza, we rush to help. Grab the recipes and celebrate National Pizza Day your way.

The recipes are available in Recipes in the Fitatu® app, and some of them may be available in the Fitatu® Premium version.

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