How to avoid gaining weight on holiday?

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How to avoid gaining weight on holiday?

Proper hydration and exercise aid in weight loss. What else can help maintain your diet while on holiday? How to avoid gaining weight on an all-inclusive holiday? Check out our tips and enjoy your summer break!

Summer is a time for holidays and relaxation for many, it’s a period of rest and a break from daily responsibilities. It’s also a time when many of us tend to forget about our diets and allow ourselves more indulgence. So, how do you avoid gaining weight on holiday?

Hydration is key

In the hot summer days, dehydration is a real risk. Always carry a water bottle when you leave the house. Hydration aids in weight loss. Water and other fluids are absorbed by dietary fibre, significantly increasing its volume and filling the stomach, which prolongs the feeling of fullness after a meal. During holiday activities, staying hydrated is especially important. You lose more water and electrolytes through sweat, so it’s essential to replenish them. To keep track of your hydration, use the Fitatu® app. You can set reminders to drink a glass of water and mark the number of glasses you’ve consumed in the app. This feature makes it easier to stay properly hydrated, especially on holiday.

Stay active

Long summer days are perfect for spending more time outdoors. Apply some sunscreen and soak up that vitamin D. To produce adequate amounts of vitamin D, you only need 15 minutes of sun exposure between 10 am and 3 pm, with 18% of your body exposed (e.g., shorts and a t-shirt) on a clear day.

If you’re spending your time in the city, activities like walking, rollerblading, or cycling are excellent choices. If you’re heading to the water, don’t forget a ball for some beach or water fun. Besides burning calories, these activities release endorphins, which are great for your holiday mood! Summer is the perfect time to try new experiences. Perhaps you’ll try kitesurfing or kayaking? Mountain lovers can burn hundreds of calories during a hiking trip. Remember, exercise is healthy, and every effort improves circulation and fitness. Summer activities will support your diet and help burn extra calories.

How to avoid gaining weight on an all-inclusive holiday?

All-inclusive holidays can be challenging for those on a weight loss diet. Hotel restaurants often have tables laden with delicious food. What dishes should you choose? Check out these 6 tips to avoid gaining weight on an all-inclusive holiday.

1. Include vegetables and fruits in every meal

Hotels always have vegetables and local fruits. According to healthy eating guidelines, try to fill half your plate with vegetables and fruits. Often, vegetables are hidden in salads, so choose those with yoghurt or olive oil dressing if possible. Make sure every meal includes vegetables, preferably fresh. The fibre in them fills the stomach and aids digestion.

2. Don’t eat larger portions than usual

When surrounded by various dishes, it’s easy to eat more than usual. This often happens because we eat with our eyes, not due to physical hunger. In all-inclusive hotels, meals usually repeat, so there’s no need to eat everything at once.

3. Stay hydrated and be careful with alcohol

As mentioned earlier, hydration is crucial. It aids in weight loss and is an integral part of healthy eating. Alcohol can be particularly tricky on holiday. 1g of alcohol provides 7 kcal, making it high in calories. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to water retention in the body, causing sudden weight gain, which can demotivate your weight loss efforts. Hotel drinks are often served with fruit juice or other sugary mixers, increasing their calorie content. Many hotels and restaurants offer non-alcoholic versions of wine, beer, and popular cocktails. These are good alternatives with fewer calories and are healthier. If you choose alcohol, traditional wine or beer is better than cocktails.

4. Eat Regularly

Try to maintain regular meal times during your holiday. In all-inclusive hotels, meal times are usually fixed. Take advantage of these meals and avoid snacking between them. Snacks often add significan

5. Keep Moving!

Hotels often have pools or gyms. Take part in aqua fitness classes and other activities offered by resorts. Take a walk along the beach at sunset. As mentioned earlier, activities help burn extra calories and maintain a calorie deficit.

6. Use Fitatu® to Estimate Calories

If you want to count calories on holiday, use the calorie estimation feature in the Fitatu® Premium+AI plan. Estimation helps determine the calorie content of dishes found in the hotel restaurant. Just enter the dish’s name and adjust the portion size. More tips on estimating calories can be found in a separate article.

Local Dishes

On holiday, the most important thing is to relax. Give yourself a break and try local cuisine. It’s a great opportunity to discover new flavours. Unknown dishes can enrich your diet. Such meals are often prepared with local ingredients, which contain fewer preservatives than products imported from far away. Remember, everything should be done in moderation 😊

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