Valentine’s Day – recipes loved by users

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Valentine’s Day – recipes loved by users

Valentine's Day recipes fitatu

Want to surprise your loved one with a delicious and healthy Valentine’s Day dinner? We come to the rescue! Discover the most popular and top-rated recipes from the Fitatu® Recipe Catalog that will be perfect for a romantic evening.

Are you planning an intimate Valentine’s Day dinner for just the two of you? Want to prepare something special for your other half, but have no idea what it could be? We have prepared suggestions for as many as 9 dishes you can cook. We have divided the recipes into three categories: appetizer, main course, and dessert. Whether you and your partner are carnivores or herbivores, you are sure to find something that will delight your palates.

Valentine’s Day – Fitatu® Recipes

Explore recipes from the Fitatu® Recipe Catalog – some of which may be from the Fitatu® Premium version.


Start your dinner with Fitatu® with light and quick-to-prepare appetizers that stimulate your desire for more when paired with the right beverage.

Main course 

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, recipes can’t leave out the clue of the program – the main course. Our proposals are impressive not only visually, but also in terms of taste – user ratings testify to this. Be sure to try them out for this special occasion, and you will surely return to them more than once.


We can’t imagine a good dinner without a sweet ending. As suggestions, we throw in users’ favorite dishes. Don’t they look overpriced?

Fitatu® Recipe Catalog

In the Fitatu® app, in addition to many features to help you control your diet, you’ll find the Recipe Catalog, which in the Fitatu® Premium version already contains more than 3,000 recipes. There you can find ideas for flexitarian, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free, keto, or high-protein dishes. Using Fitat®, you no longer have to wonder what to have for dinner tomorrow! Thus, the application is a cookbook with the precisely calculated nutritional value of the included dishes. Most importantly – always available at hand.

get the fitatu app

Fitatu® app

Download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store and start cooking with us! Want to have access to all the recipes? Opt for Fitatu® Premium! Now you can use the code SWEETS-V. Go to and grab Premium from £1.60/month.

What else can you find in Fitatu® Premium?

  • additional intermittent fasting plans,
  • the ability to create shopping lists, 
  • ready-made menus with meals,  
  • filtering of products and recipes, 
  • more synchronization with fit apps, 
  • web-based access to the app,
  • no ads!

Fitatu® support group

Are you lacking motivation in implementing a healthy lifestyle in your daily life? Join the Fitatu® support group on Facebook. Remember that by surrounding yourself with people with similar problems and experiences, you greatly increase the chance of achieving your goals. There is strength in the group!

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