3 ideas for fit Christmas dishes

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3 ideas for fit Christmas dishes

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Dietary Christmas Eve dishes that are easy to prepare and taste delicious? It is possible! Check out our suggestions that are sure to please not only you but also your whole family. Serve them for dinner and enjoy Christmas Eve in style!

Are the classic Christmas dishes too heavy for you and do you want to try something new? Or maybe you don’t want to waste the results of your diet over the last few months? Look for inspiration in the Fitatu® app! You will find recipes for delicious Christmas dishes with a dietary twist. 

Fitatu® – the calorie-counting app not only for Christmas

Fitatu® is the world’s easiest calorie counter. It already has more than 7 million downloads! It offers many valuable features to make sticking to your diet simple and enjoyable. One of them is the Recipe Catalogue, which in the Fitatu® Premium version contains more than

2,000 additional positions. All of them have calories and macronutrients calculated. Furthermore, from the dishes added to your menu, you can quickly generate a shopping list. Fitatu® thus saves you time and money, which is easily spent on imprudent and unplanned shopping.

Fit Christmas dishes

The following are dietary Christmas dishes, one of the many you will find in Fitatu®. They don’t require any special cooking skills and are easy to prepare thanks to the step-by-step photos. User ratings testify that they are delicious and worth trying.

How not to get fat at Christmas?

If you are just a guest at Christmas and have to adapt to dishes prepared by others, read the article How not to gain weight at Christmas – 6 proven tips. You will learn practical dietary tips that will work not only for Christmas but also for other special events. Follow them and enjoy Christmas on your own terms.

Join a support group

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and experiences to you and you will find it easier to stay motivated at the highest level! Join the “ENG: Lose weight without hunger or sacrifices using the Fitatu app 📲🥑” Facebook group. There you will find not only motivation but also an inspiration for delicious meals and support.

Fitatu® app

Want to discover more delicious recipes? Download the app from the Play Store or Apple Store. With our discount code XMAS-Q, you’ll gain access to 2,000 additional dishes. Go to https://www.fitatu.com/app/order-and-payment and get 29% off your monthly Fitatu® Premium.

What else can you find in Fitatu® Premium?

  • widget
  • additional plans for intermittent fasting
  • the ability to create shopping lists
  • a choice of six ready-made menus full of meals to choose
  • filtering products and recipes
  • more synchronization with fit apps
  • access to your Meal Plan in the web version
  • no ads!

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