How to make barbecue healthier this summer – delicious grilled dishes

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Home » Blog » How to make barbecue healthier this summer – delicious grilled dishes

How to make barbecue healthier this summer – delicious grilled dishes

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Long, warm days encourage spending time outdoors with friends and delicious food – preferably grilled. But did you know that grilled dishes can be dangerous to your health? We suggest how to grill with your head and present recipes for healthier and digestive-friendly dishes.

Incorrect grilling – dangers 

Starting with the topic of grilling, it is important to mention the dangers that can arise from improper use of the grill. To make grilled dishes safe, the temperature must not be too high. When the meat burns rather than browns – grilling is not correct. In addition, when meat comes into contact with high temperatures, during frying, roasting or grilling, dangerous chemical compounds are formed that harm health. Compounds such as acrylamide, heterocyclic amines and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons are carcinogenic. They are most often found on burnt crust. 

Grill accessories – choose wisely

Can the equipment you use when preparing grilled dishes affect your health? We answer: what you grill with and what you grill on matters. So what should you choose?

Say goodbye to aluminum trays

For grilling, choose a stainless steel tray, or you can use a cast iron version. And why use one at all? With a tray, you limit the penetration of harmful smoke into the food and reduce the burning of fat. While aluminum trays are the most common in stores, they are not the best choice. Meat marinated and then grilled on such a tray can cause aluminum to enter the food. This is because marinades and brines contain acids (vinegar, lemon juice) and salt. These ingredients increase the ingress of aluminum, which settles on grilled dishes. 

Electric or gas grill

An investment that your health will thank you for may be an electric grill. You can use it at home, as well as outdoors taking advantage of the nice weather. The dangerous substances released into the food in a traditional charcoal grill will no longer be a threat to your health. The aforementioned grills have containers into which the fat condenses, so the grilled dishes will definitely be less greasy and healthier.

Healthy grilled dishes

Barbecue is not just about greasy sausage and pork neck. Try healthier alternatives,. We guarantee that you will taste them.

Vegetables and fruits

Your barbecue can be colorful and delicious. Slice your favorite vegetables and stuff them on a toothpick. Peppers, zucchini, eggplant, onions or asparagus are great for the grill. Then drizzle them with oil, season them according to your taste, and grill them with taste. And for dessert, be sure to try sliced pineapple or banana.

Grilled meat

Choose leaner meat or fish instead of sausage. Harmful compounds used to preserve sausage – nitrogenous compounds turn into carcinogenic nitrosamines when exposed to heat. Therefore, when grilling, choose fresh meat – preferably poultry or full-fat fish. And it’s best to create the marinade yourself – based on your favorite herbs and spices. 

A healthy side dish to complement your grilling

Healthy salads and whole-grain bread will be a tasty complement to a grilled dish. They will ensure better digestion through their high fiber content, for which your digestive system will thank you 🙂

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Fitatu® recipes for healthy grilled dishes

You can find barbecue inspiration in the Fitatu® app! Each dish has calculated calories and macronutrients, as well as a recipe with step-by-step photos. Some recipes may only be available in Fitatu® Premium. Below are some barbecue suggestions.

For halloumi fans

Courgette and halloumi shish kebabs  fitatu

Healthy skewers

Thai chicken fitatu

Salad – a healthy side dish

Beetroot, feta and raspberry salad grilled dishes fitatu

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