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A guide on how to use the Fitatu calorie counter

How to count calories with Fitatu app? How to set calorie goals? How to weigh my products? How to pair Fitatu with fitness apps? Read the guide that answers the questions of our app users. Make the most of Fitatu app and meet your 2022 goal.

Goals, daily calorie goals

Before you start using the app, you need to set a limit for your caloric needs. How to do it? First of all – enter all your parameters: height, weight and age (Settings -> Profile). In the Goals tab (also in Settings) enter your current and target body weight (Goals->Body Weight) and then the rate of weight change per week, i.e. how many kilograms per week you want to reduce. The recommended amount is a maximum of 0.5kg per week (Goals->The rate of weight change). You will be given a forecast of how much you will reach your goal.

Fitatu, Calorie Counter, Calorie Calculator, How To Lose Weight

Activity during the day

Select your activity level (without training) (Goals->Activity during the day). Choose from: very low, low, average and high. Remember that the correct setting of this parameter will significantly contribute to the setting of your calorie limit, and consequently will significantly contribute to the achievement of your goal, as only a correctly set daily limit will help you reduce body weight.

Fitatu, Calorie Counter, Calorie Calculator, How To Lose Weight

Workout activity

Check the level of your training activity (Goals->Workout activity). If you don’t exercise at all, for example because your current state of health doesn’t allow it, select “very low” (no training). This is another important parameter which allows you to determine your daily kcal limit.

Fitatu, Calorie Counter, Calorie Calculator, How To Lose Weight

Daily goals

At any time you can enter your own daily goal for calories and macronutrients (Goals->Daily goals). You can also indicate that you want to enter your own limit. However, only do this if you are sure how many calories and macronutrients you should take in each day.

Fitatu, Calorie Counter, Calorie Calculator, How To Lose Weight

Including calories burned in daily goals

At the end of the Goals tab you will find two options to tick. The first is to include your activity level in the daily limit (Goals->Workout activity).

Option two adds calories to the daily limit by copying data from paired fitness apps (e.g. Apple Watch, Strava, Garmin, etc.). If you don’t have the pairing option but know the number of calories burned, you can add it manually.

Fitatu, Calorie Counter, Calorie Calculator, How To Lose Weight

Connecting your Fitatu app with fitness apps

In Settings (More->Settings), you’ll find the Connected applications tab. In it, you’ll see a list of apps that you can sync with Fitatu. Remember to check “Permission for receiving data in Fitatu” (all apps) and any other necessary consents (in the case of the Huawei Health app). Download measured and typed workouts.

Fitatu, Calorie Counter, Calorie Calculator, How To Lose Weight

User questions

I squeeze my own juices with a slow juicer. How do I calculate the calorie content of the juice?

Search the product database for e.g. orange juice and enter the number of ml you have consumed. The calories in fruit are similar (between 40 and 50 calories per 100 ml), and accuracy is not so important in this case.

If a recipe in Fitatu says, for example, 75g of pasta, rice or porridge, is that the weight after cooking or before cooking?

It is the weight before cooking.

How do I calculate the macro of, for example, chicken legs or wings? A pack of wings having 750 grams – 1568 kcal.  After deducting the weight of the bones and leftovers, it came out that I only ate 425 grams of the product or 888 kcal. How should I include this in the Fitatu? As 750 or 425 grams?

Enter in Fitatu the weight of the product you consumed (in this case 425g).

How do I weigh a ready-made jelly properly? Which value should I enter in Fitatu (kcal before or after cooking)?

It is best to enter the portion size as stated on the packet. Even if you end up with a different portion size, it does not matter because it is a matter of adding a different amount of water and water has no calories. For ready-made instant powdered products, it’s best to adopt this strategy: if the manufacturer provides nutritional values for the product after preparation, then you need to enter the serving size they suggest, and if they provide values for the powder, then the powder weight.

How to weigh chicken breasts correctly – raw or already fried? I had 340 g raw and 270 g fried. Which value should I enter in Fitatu?

We weigh before processing, i.e. raw meat.

When I make potato pancakes, should I enter the potatoes after draining water or before?

You count grated potatoes without straining, it is mainly the water that is drained so it has no influence on the number of calories.

How to count calories of a cake (if it weighs less than before baking)?

The dough weighs less as the water evaporates. A cake that weighs 1000 g before baking and 600 g after baking has the same number of calories.

When adding a new product, how do I set the breakdown by piece? Because if I enter all the data from the label, I can only enter the value for 100 g and the weight of the entire package, but I would like to add pieces and I cannot do this.

In such cases weigh 1 piece and write this weight in the product name (e.g. coconut cake 5g – just to remember) and later if you eat e.g. 4 pieces, write in Fitatu that you ate 20g. That way you will see the calorie content of 4 pieces.

If I don’t meet my kcal target by the evening and I have a craving for something sweet, can I?

Yes – if that snack fits within your daily calorie limit.

Should I weigh dry foods – groats, rice, pasta – before or after cooking?

Before cooking.

I went back to my account after a few years. I have my old goals, measurements and weight there.

You can edit your goals, weight and measurements. Under “More” you will find the option: “Body measurements”, in “Settings” there is a tab “Goals” where you can change your weight.

I have created a weekly menu and I would like to copy the meals I have made for the following days. I have found the option: copy all meals, but I am not sure how to add tchem to a specific day the following week.

If you want to copy all the meals from 20.11 to 22.11, press the blue “copy” button. They will all appear on 22.11.

I’m trying to connect Fitatu to the Fitbit smartwatch app to upload workout information.

Follow these steps:

1. Delete the connection to FitBit in Fitatu (if this is not possible, skip this step),

2) Clear all data of both apps (both Fitatu and FitBit) in Android settings,

3. Log back into Fitatu and FitBit,

Re-establish the connection between Fitatu and FitBit (remember to tick the necessary consents).

Haven’t found the answer to your questions? Check out our Facebook group where you can get support and help from other users or write to us at help@fitatu.com.

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