New Year’s resolutions part 2 – how to effectively achieve the goals?

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Home » Blog » New Year’s resolutions part 2 – how to effectively achieve the goals?

New Year’s resolutions part 2 – how to effectively achieve the goals?

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New Year’s resolutions are a topic that is close to many people these days. From the previous post, we already know that the first step to achieving them is the ability to choose and specify a goal, as well as create a good plan. In this post, we suggest how to stay motivated and committed to achieving success in 2023.

When thinking about New Year’s resolutions, we often have very ambitious plans, such as learning languages for an hour every day or going to the gym 5 times a week. In the beginning, when motivation is very high, this is achievable. Unfortunately, over time, our motivation can burn out in the busyness of daily responsibilities. As a result, we start to let go more and more often. So what can we do to keep our motivation and commitment as high as possible and not give up on our goals?

Choose New Year’s resolutions and plan their implementation

New Year’s resolutions, and success in achieving them, depend very much on a well-defined goal and plan. We wrote about it in this article: New Year’s resolutions part 1 – how do I plan my nutrition goals?. From it, you will learn how to approach the creation and planning of New Year’s resolutions. You will also find many practical tips, and learn about the most common mistakes that cause New Year’s resolutions not to be realized.

Celebrate small and bigger successes

Don’t wait until you’ve achieved your goal 100% to start celebrating it and being proud of yourself. When planning to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, set milestones. These are mini-goals that will guide you toward your main goal. Let the achievement of each milestone be associated with a reward of your choice. It doesn’t have to be anything big, but something that will make you happy, such as going to the movies, new clothes, dinner with a loved one, or anything you feel like doing. Such activities will prove to you that you are not standing still and are getting closer to realizing your dreams. It will bring you a lot of satisfaction and energy to continue working.

Conduct regular evaluation of goals

Evaluation allows you to analyze what you have done so far, which in most cases may need to be changed. It is rare that a plan is 100% flawless. Doing new things we are not, which is a challenge for us, we are not able to do everything from A to Z well. Mistakes and slip-ups happen, and it’s our job to notice them, learn from them, and try to avoid them in the future. Start thinking of mistakes in the category of lessons, not failure. Change and adapt the plan to the new knowledge and move on, but don’t let go.

Adapt your plans to your current life situation

In the course of your resolutions, your life situation changes for various reasons. You get pregnant, change your job, move, discover a new hobby, and the whole previous plan loses its raison d’etre. Don’t hesitate to adopt a once-created plan for your new life situation. You don’t have to forcefully try to follow the plan written out at the beginning of the year. Remember that it is to be adapted to your life, not you and your life to the plan.

Schedule time for rest

Just as a car without fuel won’t go any further, a person’s body without rest will eventually rebel. If you don’t include time for small pleasures and recovery when planning to achieve your goal, sooner or later you will let go too. Take care of your well-being. Try to implement New Year’s resolutions wisely, not quickly. Do it in harmony with yourself and listen to your body. 

Surround yourself with people who are pursuing similar goals

By surrounding yourself with people who face similar difficulties and have similar experiences, you can achieve your goals more effectively. Therefore, if you find it hard to motivate yourself to exercise on your own, arrange joint trips to the gym or jog with a friend or colleague. Mutual support and a sense of obligation (an appointment) will certainly contribute to regularity.

Join a support group

Surround yourself with people who have similar goals and experiences to you and you will find it easier to stay motivated at the highest level! Join the “ENG: Lose weight without hunger or sacrifices using the Fitatu app 📲🥑” Facebook group. There you will find not only motivation but also inspiration for delicious meals and support.

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