13 years of experience in weight loss translated into

the most human way to lose weight

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lose weight, not your choice

Fitatu Flex™ gives you freedom.
Decide how to lose weight - with our dieticians’ suggestions or a balanced combination of options.

lose weight, not your nerves

There’s no need to calculate.
Fitatu Flex™ tells you how to achieve your daily target.

lose weight, not your joy of life

Fast and simple recipes for the most delicious dishes, including your favourite national dishes.
In Fitatu Flex™ you’ll be able to prepare most of them using up to 5 ingredients, in as little as 5 minutes.

lose weight, not money

Fitatu Flex™ dishes are made only of easily available ingredients.
Customers following our method admit that they spend 30% less money on shopping than previously.

lose weight, not yourself

With Fitatu Flex™, losing weight will be just part of your life, not all of it.

shopping list

meal reminders

weekly achievement check up

individual daily targets

data export

technical support

lose weight, not yourself

You’ll achieve your target twice* as fast and even more easily with Fitatu Flex™ than with the free version of Fitatu.
Just like Marta:

We’ve been providing diet support in Europe for 13 years.
As many as 4 million people have already benefited from our paid and unpaid work.