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World Sandwich Day on 3rd November – sandwich recipes

World Sandwich Day fitatu

Why has the sandwich become such a hit? How do you make a sandwich that pleases not only the palate but also promotes health? What’s a must-have in your sandwich? In celebration of World Sandwich Day, we’ll answer these questions and showcase sandwich recipes in the Fitatu® app.

November is associated with long, dark evenings and cooler weather. Nutritious food helps the body improve immunity and provides strength during this cold season. On 3rd November, we celebrate World Sandwich Day, a dish that can be a delicious and above all, healthy meal. Let a wholesome sandwich be your November comfort food!

Why do we love sandwiches?

The sandwich is considered one of the most convenient and quickest meals you can prepare. The fact that you don’t need cutlery to eat it and it’s easily portable means sandwiches are often eaten both at home and on the go. This simple dish typically consists of bread, and the rest of the ingredients are up to the sandwich lover’s discretion. Sandwich recipes suggest it can be eaten both cold and hot. A sandwich can be small, serving as a mid-morning snack or a snack, but a larger one can also be a full-fledged lunch.

What makes a healthy sandwich?

A healthy sandwich, like any healthy meal, should primarily be well-balanced. To learn how to compose balanced meals, refer to the article “4 rules to help you easily compose a balanced meal“.


The sandwich mainly consists of bread, so it’s worth ensuring its quality. Whole grain and rye breads provide a large dose of dietary fibre and supplement the diet with minerals such as manganese, zinc, calcium, and magnesium, as well as B vitamins.


Vegetables, healthy and colourful – the more you put in a sandwich, the better for your health. Vegetables are an excellent source of dietary fibre, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, they have low energy density, meaning that a relatively large portion of vegetables provides a small number of calories.


A balanced meal should always provide protein. Suitable for sandwiches are: cottage cheese, cheeses, sea fish, lean meats, tofu, and pastes made from beans or chickpeas. When choosing meat and dairy for a sandwich, avoid full-fat cheeses and red meat processed foods. Such products contain considerable amounts of fat and saturated fatty acids.


A healthy sandwich should also provide good fats. We recommend using vegetable oils, e.g., flaxseed oil, rapeseed oil, or olive oil. These oils supply unsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. Avocado or unsalted, 100% nut butter also adds flavour and complements the diet with healthy fats. In small quantities, butter from animal sources can also be used on the sandwich.

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Sandwich Recipes in Fitatu®

If you’re looking for sandwich inspiration, Fitatu® is here to help. In the Recipe Catalogue in the app, you’ll find a diverse range of sandwich recipes. All are delicious, quick, and healthy! Some of them may only be available in the Fitatu® Premium version.

Deluxe Sandwich

ed egg sandwich recipe fitatu

Fried egg sandwich

Italian Feast

Warm caprese sandwich recipes

Warm caprese sandwich

Sunny Sandwiches from Spain

anish tomato sandwich

Spanish tomato sandwich

Keto Sandwich

Keto tuna paste sandwich with sundried tomatoes

Vegan Delight

egan sandwich with hummus, sprouts, and cucumber

Vegan sandwich with hummus, sprouts, and cucumber

Nutritious Dessert

Peanut butter, banana, and pomegranate sandwich

Peanut butter, banana, and pomegranate sandwich

Delicious Legumes

 lentil and carrot paste sandwich

Red lentil and carrot paste sandwich

Fitatu® App

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