Achieve your nutritional goals in an easier and better way than ever before!

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Fitatu Premium is:

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With Fitatu Premium nothing is going to distract you on the way to your goal.

Export data to any program*

(e.g., Gmail, WhatsApp, sms) and XLS, CSV, PDF files.
You can download data (names of meals, lists of meals, nutritional values for proteins, fats and carbohydrates, kcal + other**) about what you ate (without any limitations) or what you are scheduled to eat up to 14 days in advance.

Individual daily targets

Now you can define different demand for calories and macronutrients for each day.

Meal times

You can define the times of your meals in your menu.

Meal reminders

The possibility to set system notifications that remind you about the need to eat a meal.

Report on products which provide specific nutrients

e.g. proteins, fat, vitamin A.

Summary of any period

Not only a month.

Monitoring of the consumption of any nutrient in a selected period of time

on a useful chart

Dedicated app design

Subtle accent colours distinguish the Fitatu Premium app from the free version.

* Depending on whether the installed applications allow data sharing

** The most detailed data is available only in XLS format.